Our Beginning

Husband and wife duo, Jennifer and Paul, successfully ran a large ribbon manufacturing company. Many times over the decade of growing the company they talked about working and creating with a more versatile product. Jennifer’s love of fabric and Pauls love of colors had them on the hunt for something different. After several successes with the Ribbon Company, including business of the year in Chattanooga, Tn. , they felt it was time to spread their wings and develop a company they could include the entire family in. Ribbon and Bows Oh My sold and the hunt for a new journey began.

Jennifer, being an avid craft magazine reader, reviewed many projects that were intriguing but most required expensive supplies and great amount of practiced technique. One thing she did notice is that Felt was in several of the projects. Knowing how to work with several fabrics she realized that felt was also a fabric that almost anyone can work with and get great results. The research began (and has never stopped) and the excitement grew.

Over The River Felt was formed at the Kitchen table with all 3 children present. Each of our rolls in the company formed that day. Excitement and passion for the company were eminent from conception. What started out as a venture into felt turned into an expansion of the passion we have for creating.

We look forward to inspiring your passion in Over The River Felt!

Harmonious Souls

Two words that perfectly describe our relationship. I often thank God for letting our paths cross. His plan was perfect , here we are reaching for the stars While enjoying the journey.


To provide beautiful materials through which beautiful items can be created.

To exceed your expectations in both quality and service.


We specialize in Wool felt and embellishments. All of which are organically produced. We pride ourselves in only providing the highest quality product at a reasonable price.