• 2 – 6” X 12” coordinating felt
  • Template (grab your favorite coffee house paper cozy)
  • 10” fabric tape
  • Embroidery thread
  • 1 Button
  • 1 Hair tie
  • Assorted ribbon
  • Embroidery needles


  1. Trace and cut 1 template from each felt piece.
  2. On one template cut patterns for your peek through windows.  We chose hearts.
  3. Overlay the cut pattern felt over the solid felt piece so that you can see the color below.
  4. Mark where you would like to have your ribbon peeking through.  Once you do that lay down your fabric tape and arrange ribbon where your markings are.
  5. Follow fabric tape instructions to adhere the ribbon to the fabric.
  6. On the same fabric attach the hair tie as shown with a sewing machine. (This must be done with a machine to get a strong hold.)
  7. On the fabric with the hearts cut out attach the button on the opposite end of where the hair tie was attached.
  8. Whip stitch or machine stitch layers together and enjoy!

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