Items needed:

1/2 Yard Linen Felt (20%)

1 pack Fall Leaf Die Cuts

Coordinating Embroidery floss

Fabric Glue


Wash felt – Hand wash, lay flat to dry or tumble dry for 10 minutes.

Iron Felt with steam

Cut Linen felt at desired size. We chose two pieces at 15″X24″

Cut Tabs from linen felt. Three Tabs 1.5″X6″

Take Three identical sized leaves and stack them. Cut all three pieces in 3 separate angles as show on several leafs in this pattern. Have fun choosing your colors and cut placements.

Once the leaves are cut separate them and rearrange them back together with 3 different colors.

On one layer of linen felt arrange your leaves randomly to create a falling leaf image. Once you get the look you are going for, apply a small amount of fabric or felt glue to the leaves and adhere them to the linen felt.

Attach the felt leaves permanently to the linen felt using a blanket stitch, running, stitch, or whip stitch – What ever the mood you are in for. This is a fun project and totally adaptable to how you want it to look.

Add Veins to leaves and any decorative touch you would like.

Lay top of finish design on second piece of Linen fabric

Fold tabs and insert in center of two pieces of felt to create the tabs for hanging your project. Space them out evenly

Whip stitch or use a running stitch to attach the two pieces together carefully paying attention that tabs are securely sew into place.

Hang and enjoy.

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