Supply List

  • 1- 12″X12″ Linen Wool Blend Felt.
  • 8 leaping lizard leaves.
  • 4 moss leaves.
  • Assorted itsy bitsy flowers.
  • A poly-fil.
  • Assorted embroidery threads.

Step 1: Download Easter Egg template and cut linen felt

Step 3: Attach leaping lizard leaves with straight stitch, and outline with back stitch (back stitch is optional).

Attach orange flower with straight stitch in a star pattern.

Attach moss leaf with straight stitches.

Step 4: Attach itsy bitsy flowers with French knots.

Step 5: Attach more itsy bitsy flowers with lazy daisy stitch andFrench Knots.

Step 6: Repeat 3 times.

Step 7: Attach pieces together, wrong sides together [flowers on outside], using a back stitch or blanket stitch

Step 8: Attach all 4 pieces together, leaving 3 inches, open at bottom, leaving room to stuff egg with poly-fil.

Step 9: Fill egg with poly-fil until desired shape and firmness is reached, and continue to close with back stich or blanket stitch.


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