Over the River Felt

Website Overhaul: A brand new look

We have been working hard to bring you a brand-new website. We have added many new pages and some cool new features.

Here are some of the new pages we have added to provide you with more information and a better experience:

We also wanted to add some new features for our clients to show how much we care:

  • Notices | Announcements – stay informed and see what’s new with us, our products and our site.
  • Shows & Events – see the upcoming events we will be attending, so you can come join us.
  • Classes – public and private classes available
  • Community – share your felt project with the online community and see what others are making (feature coming soon)
  • Inspiration – Glance through our showcased projects

These are just the BIG changes you have made. We hope you are excited as we are!

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