3 Ways To Use Glitter Felt Stars

Our NEW die cut glitter felt stars are here and just in time for the 4th of July! Choose from 4 different sizes and 33 different colors. Yes, 33 colors! There are so many ways to use these die cuts.
Follow along as we show you 3 different
ways to craft with our glitter felt stars!
1. Bow Centers
Add a festive touch to your bows with our felt stars!
Mix and match colors to create your own color scheme.
Gather your materials. You will need a bow, glitter felt stars, and a hot glue gun.
After you've decided on a color scheme, hot glue your smaller stars on top of your larger stars.
Then hot glue the back of the felt star on the center of the bow.
That's it! How easy are these festive bow centers?
2. Patriotic Garland
glitter felt stars
Create a garland perfect for your 4th of July decorations!
No need to buy decor when you can create it!
Gather your materials. You will need felt stars, glue gun, and string or thread.
After hot gluing the smaller felt stars on the larger ones, apply hot glue on the center back of the felt star. Repeat for each star and you're ready to hang your patriotic garland!
3. Princess Wands
glitter felt stars
The cutest craft your little ones will love. Follow along as we show you how to create it!
Gather your materials. You will need 3/8" solid grosgrain, glitter felt stars, a hot glue gun, and wooden stick. 
Cut your 3/8" ribbon approximately 10 inches. After cutting, glue the ribbon and wooden stick.
Glue another felt star on top, securing the ribbon and wand. Add a smaller star to finish it off!
How are you using our glitter felt stars? Make sure to tag us in your creations! @overtheriverfelt