Fabric Care

How to Pre-Wash Felt

How to Pre-Wash Felt

Soak wool in warm water. Expect some bleeding from excess dye on dark colors, please keep colors separate during first washing. You can use a bit of laundry soap or not, it is your preference.

Squeeze as much water from felt but DO NOT twist or wring it, the felt will stretch out of shape. You may also end up with excess pilling.

Lay Flat to dry on a towel.

If you prefer a bubbly textured look, dry in dryer.

Depending on temperature of water, drying flat, or machine drying expect some shrinkage. It can be anywhere from 3”-5” per square yard of fabric.

Can I wash my project after I'm done?

Yes. Once your project is complete, your items can be hand washed in cold and lay flat to dry.

What if I have wrinkles?

If you get creases or wrinkles, they can easily be removed with an iron on steam. DO NOT spray felt with water. You will get felted bubbles that won’t be uniform and I promise you won’t be happy with the results.