5 Felt Summer Garlands

Garland is one of the most versatile decorations while also being fun and easy to make. Use it as decoration for the shelf in your daughter's room, seasonal decor to tie together your magnificent mantle, or party decor to add a pop of fun to a backdrop or table! Today we have five inspirational garland ideas to satisfy your summer crafting. Let's dig in! 

Pink Lemonade

This pink lemonade inspired idea is a must-make! It would be adorable adorning a table for drinks! A cart in your home, lemonade stand, or drink table at a party! All you need is wool blend felt, felt balls, embroidery floss, and needles to thread through!

Cutie Cacti

We love this cactus color pallet! Our evergreen wool blend felt and mauve felt balls would coordinate well with this inspo! Get all of your supplies here at Over the River Felt!

Ice Cream Cones

The cutest garland to satisfy any sweet tooth! Cool down with our pretty pastels color palette and our suntan wool blend felt for the cone! 


Summer Watermelons

Quench your thirst with this watermelon garland inspo! Perfect for summer BBQs, pool parties, and more! Made with our wool blend felt colors magical forest and hot pink!

Mystic Mushrooms

A whimsical style trending this summer, this mystic mushroom garland is all the rage! Oakwood, Red, and Mustard Seed would be the perfect wool blend toppers for this mushroom pallet. Try a ribbon garland to add some fun!
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