5 Minute Keychains! FREE SVG!

Looking for a stylish and easy-to-make craft project? Pebbled leather keychains are a fantastic way to add style and personality to your daily essentials! They also make perfect gifts! This quick craft takes just 5 minutes and will leave you with a chic, functional accessory. Plus, we included a free SVG file for those who have a cutting machine. Let’s get started!


- Keychain Ring
- Scissors or Cricut

Step 1: Download and Prepare the SVG File

Start by downloading the free SVG file from the link here.


Step 2: Cut the Leather

If you’re using scissors, print out the SVG design and use it as a stencil to trace the shape onto your leather. Cut carefully along the outline to ensure smooth edges. If you're using a cutting machine, follow the machine's instructions to cut the leather!


Step 3: Attach the Keychain Ring

Once your leather piece is cut, slip it through the cut out.


Step 4: Secure It Together

Add hot glue to the inside of the cut out and secure them together!


And there you have it! A beautiful, handmade pebbled leather keychain crafted in just 5 minutes! This project is not only quick and easy, but it also offers a fantastic way to create personalized gifts or even start a small crafting business. Experiment with different colors and shapes to make each keychain unique. Enjoy your crafting!