5 Projects To Try With Printed Glitter Felt

If you're someone who loves adding a touch of glamour and sparkle to your craft projects, then printed glitter felt is your new best friend! With all of our new patterns and prints, we're opening up a world of possibilities for DIY enthusiasts!  In this blog post, we'll show you 5 fun ideas to incorporate printed glitter felt into your crafts!

Glitter Felt Bow

We are loving printed glitter felt bows! Such a cute accessory to make any outfit more fun and with so many different patterns, the options are endless! Grab our SVG file here to make your own!

Glitter Felt Bow Center

Adding glitter to a solid bow is never a bad idea! With glitter felt, you can make a variety of hair bow centers! Simply choose your favorite new prints and cut out your favorite shape or letter and attach it to the center!

Framed Letters

A framed letter adds so much character to a room. Pick your favorite glitter print to match your room, cut out your initial, and then frame it! So easy and so cute!

Girls Coin Purse

This is a purse any little girl will love and use everyday and couldn't be easier to make!

unicorn printed glitter felt 

Felt Earrings

 that are amazing cut out of our printed glitter felt! It's never been this easy and fun to match your earrings to your outfit! Try our new earring SVG patterns to get started!

printed glitter felt leopard earrings

Tried any of these project ideas? We want to see them! Share your printed glitter felt projects with us by tagging us at @overtheriverfelt