5 St. Patrick's Day Crafts!

In the season of all things green and lucky we were feeling inspired to create! In this blog post we'll show you 5 ideas to make with felt + links to all of the supplies you'll need. We hope you'll follow along and be well on your way to creating a festive and whimsical atmosphere for the holiday! 

Shamrock Garland

A shamrock garland is simple to make and easily decorates any room for the holiday! Plus we have Shamrock Die Cuts that make it even easier! We also used felt balls but it still looks good without them!

Pot of Gold Basket

You'll love this next idea! Perfect for your little ones to carry around their gold candy in or as a decorative holder on a side table! You'll need a few different colors of felt for the rainbow and glitter felt for your basket, plus we used a shamrock die cut to add a small decoration to the front. To create, sew your glitter felt into a basket shape, draw out and cut two rainbows and glue them back to back over the seam allowance on the inside of your basket. 

A Lucky Wand

Using a shamrock die cut, 3/8" ribbon, and a wooden rod, we created a cute and fun lucky wand! You can use it as a photo prop or let your littles play with it. 

Shamrock Pillow

Next, onto our felt pillow, we added a few of our shamrock die cuts! Now wherever you put this pillow, there will be a little St. Patrick cheer there!

Two Lucky Hair Clips!

Our first lucky hair clip is a felt four leaf clover that you can follow the tutorial to here!  

For our second lucky hair clip, we used green heart die cuts and made a clover shape! Both are super cute and definitely won't let you get pinched for not wearing your green!