DIY Coin Purse

Have you ever wanted to put your sewing skills to the test? Let's practice by  making a charming little coin purse together! We used our Matilda Jane inspired  April Flowers Printed Felt to make this one. This purse is the perfect size to hold your coins, cards, cash, chapstick, whatever your essentials are! It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in sewing because you’ll end up with an adorable purse either way. Let's get started!

Items needed:

One sheet of Printed Felt

12”X9” lining material (we used Bamboo felt)



Coin Purse handle 8.5 cm

Sewing machine and matching thread

Step 1
Cut out 2 pieces each of printed felt and lining material.
Step 2
Draw sewing lines even on both sides for your printed felt (wrong side) and lining material.
Step 3
Sew printed felt (right sides together from mark to edge (shown in picture) and entire length of bottom.
Step 4
Sew lining together but this time leave a 2 inch gap on the bottom (see picture).
Step 5
Sew box corners making sure seam is pressed same direction on each side.  Do this for the printed felt and the lining.
Step 6
Turn the lining right side out and place inside of the printed felt so that right sides are together.
Step 7
Pin together and sew lining and felt together, trim excess
Step 8
Pull printed felt through the bottom hole created in lining.  Iron
Step 9
Hand stitch closed the hole in the lining
Step 10
Attach handle with manufacturers directions
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