DIY Felt Fruit Keychain

Make your keychain peachy- keen with this adorable adornment! Did you know felt is super durable? Felt keychains can last years and years to come so don't be afraid to make this fruity-friend! Now be a peach and grab some felt to get started!
Here's what you need:
Use the scissors to cut out your two peach shapes and a leaf!
Place the two peach pieces together and stitch around the outside starting at the top! When you are 2/3 your way there stuff the inside with stuffing and continue stitching.
Attached your keyring and leaf by stitching them together with a rectangular piece of felt on the back!
(Optional) Stitch a cute smile and add some blush with a red pen or marker to bring this fruity-friend to life!
Be sure to take a picture of how yours turned out and share it with us!
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