DIY Felt Holiday Gnome

Trend Alert! These adorable Christmas gnomes are everywhere this year! Follow along with our simple tutorial to save money and have fun making your own!

Step 1

Gather your supplies! 
You will need:

Felt Gnome DIY Tutorial


Step 2

Start by cutting out your hat piece from your red felt to be 6 1/2" tall and 7" wide at the base with a slight outward curve to each side. Next, from your green felt, cut both a 3" circle and your base piece. Your base should be about 4" wide at the top, 9" wide at the bottom and 5 1/2" tall. 
Felt Gnome DIY Tutorial

Step 3

Sew up the side of your green felt. Next, pin your circle to the bottom and sew that to the base. Turn your base right side out and fill it with a handful of dry lentils for stability and then fill the rest with pillow stuffing.
 Felt Gnome DIY TutorialFelt Gnome DIY Tutorial

Step 4

Sew your red piece into a hat shape. We used a fun embroidery stitch for added detail. Using a hot glue gun, glue this piece onto your base. 
Felt Gnome DIY Tutorial

 Step 5

Glue your felt ball in place for the nose. Fray your yarn with a comb and glue this underneath the felt ball for your beard. 
Felt Gnome DIY Tutorial
And your little gnome is ready to display for all to see! They make the perfect holiday decor! Try making more than one to display all together!
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