DIY Felt Ice Cream Cone Tutorial

Summer is almost here and we have the sweetest decoration to keep it cool! This DIY will easily bring the feeling of Summer wherever you put it. 



Let's start with the cone!

We used our Buttercream wool blend felt and our Gold heat transfer vinyl.

To get started, our glitter vinyl was cut and weeded in a grid of 1/2 inch squares. 

Then, we pressed it onto our felt and cut three 4 by 3 inch triangles.

It should look something like this now!


Now, take your triangles and roll them into cones. Use hot glue to keep it together. We put stuffing in our cone to help keep it's shape!


After you have your cone all done, take your colored felt and cut 4.25 inch circles. We used Sun Town, Pink Violet, and Light Blue!


For the next step you'll need your coordinating thread!

We used #951, #962, and #3761. (Left to right)

Take your needle and thread all the way around the circle like we did in the picture below.

Now, put stuffing in the middle of the circle and cinch the felt together.


Then, hot glue the felt ice cream onto your cone.

And now you're done! 

 Afterwards, we decided to add rhinestones and it adds such a cute touch!

We hope you enjoyed this sweet DIY. 

We love to see what you make! Share a picture of how your felt ice creams turned out.

Be sure to tag us @overtheriverfelt so we can re-share your work!