DIY Felt Ice Cream Hair Clip Tutorial

This is the most adorable Summertime hair clip and we have the easiest tutorial to make your Summer hairstyles so much cuter! 


    Step 1

    To start off, cut your felt into a tall house shape (as seen below). Make sure to cut it big enough that the balls can fit on top.

    Step 2

    Now, using your hot glue gun, glue the felt balls on the top of the felt shape. 

    Step 3

    Next, cut two triangles out of your same glitter felt, approximately 1.5"x 2". 

    Step 4

    Now, let's take the felt ball piece and glue it in between the two triangle pieces. 

      Step 5

    Next grab your alligator clip and grosgrain ribbon! Cut a piece of ribbon around double the length of your alligator clip.

    Then, glue the ribbon to the top and inside of the clip. 

    Step 6

    Now, take your ice cream cone and glue it to the top of the clip.

    And you're done! Feel free to switch up and use other materials to make yours unique! We're also loving this version using 3-D felt flowers!

    We love to see what you make!

    Be sure to tag us @overtheriverfelt so we can re-share your work!