DIY Girl's Felt Daisy Purse + FREE SVG!

Today, we're thrilled to present an exciting and easy-to-follow tutorial on creating your very own felt daisy purse, perfect for a little lady in your life! If you are new to felt crafting, this is a super simple beginner friendly tutorial! With just a few simple materials, we will have crafted an adorable and super trendy accessory for your little one to carry with them all the time! Let's dive in!
What you'll need:
1/2" thick cord - 3 ft
Optional Sewing Machine
Optional piece of Velcro
To start, upload your daisy SVG and cut out the flower base out of your white glitter fabric and the circle center out of your banana felt using your Cricut or die cutting machine. You can also choose to print the SVG and trace and cut these by hand if you do not have a cutting machine. 
Glue the circle center onto the top center of the white glitter daisy. Now cut your purse pieces from your SVG out of your Pink Violet felt. We cut 4 pieces all together so that our purse could be double layered for extra stability. 
After they are cut, glue sets of two pieces together, back to back so that you end up with one front side and one back side.
Choose whichever side you would like to be the front (they will look the same) and glue your daisy down to the middle of it. 
Now cut 2 strips from your Pink Violet felt each 3/4" x 3". These pieces will become the tabs that hold your cord strap in the purse. You can also choose to double layer these as well like we did for extra stability. Fold each piece in half so that they create a loop that is 1.5" long and glue the ends together.
Measure 1" down from the top of each side on the back inside purse piece. Glue your tab about 1/2" in from the side, starting at that 1" mark. The loop piece should stick outside of the purse. 
You are now ready to place the front piece of your purse onto the back piece of the purse and line them up. Here you can choose if you would like to simply glue along the inside edge of the purse to hold the sides together or if you have a sewing machine, you can sew the sides together. 
Once completed, grab your cord. You can measure how long you want your cord to be depending on how tall your little one is. Make a knot on one end of your cut cord and string it up through one loop from the bottom. From the top of the other loop, string your cord back down and through and knot it off to secure it. 
Using a fine tooth comb, you can comb out the end of the cord if you would like the frayed look like we used. 
Finally, you can choose to cut a small piece of velcro and either sew it into the purse or simply glue it in to hold the purse shut. 
And there you have it! Your trendy daisy bag is finished and ready to hit the town! We can't wait to see how your bag turned out! 
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