DIY Jack-O-Lantern Embroidery Hoop

It is almost Halloween and we are feeling those pumpkin vibes! It's the perfect day to get out your crafting supplies and make something fun and we have the perfect pumpkin craft for you! We've created a super simple yet oh so adorable jack-o-lantern embroidery hoop for you to hang up with your Halloween decor! So grab your felt and glue gun and let's get started!
First off, you will need:
1 x 9" Embroidery Hoop
Start by downloading your jack-o-lantern SVG and then cutting it out of your black felt piece on your Cricut or by using freezer paper to trace and then cut with fabric scissors.
Measure a 10" circle and trace and cut it out of your Sunburst Felt and fit this tightly into your embroidery hoop. Secure the excess felt in the back by gluing it down to the inside of the hoop.
Then take your jack-o-lantern face and glue it onto the frontside.
Now it is time to make your glitter felt bow. To do this, cut a strip 2" wide by 8" long. Fold this in half and glue your ends together to make a loop. Place the seam at the center back. Next, cut a small strip 1/4" wide by 2" long. Accordion fold the center of the large glitter felt loop together and wrap your smaller piece around and glue it to the back side to hold the bow shape together.
Finally, glue the bow into place onto the embroidery hoop.
And you are finished! You now have a super cute jack-o-lantern decor piece to hang up for everyone to see! 
Tag us at @Overtheriverfelt to show us how yours turned out!
Happy Crafting!