DIY Mother's Day Glitter Keychain Tutorial

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we have the perfect DIY for you to make mom the cutest gift she can use everyday!  We have all of the materials for you to make a sweet gift for her on Mother's day. Let's get started! 


Step 1

First, take your 3/8" ribbon and cut a small piece about 1" long. 

Step 2

Next, slide the piece of ribbon through the ring on your keychain hardware. 

Then, using your hot glue gun, glue the ribbon ends together.

Step 3

Now, take your glitter felt and cut out two hearts. We used this SVG file for the hearts and "MOM" wording! 

Step 4

Now, put your hearts back to back so that the glitter sides are on the outside.

Then, place your keychain ribbon at the top center of the hearts, sandwiched between the layers and glue the two hearts together.

Step 5

Finally, glue the letters onto the heart. Alternatively, if you like to hand sew, you can also use embroidery thread and stitch the letters on for a cute handmade look.

And you're finished! You now have the easiest little keychain that Mom will love! Attach it to her Mother's day card or gift for a little something extra to surprise her with.

We love to see what you make! Share a picture of how your Mother's Day Keychain turned out!

Be sure to tag us @overtheriverfelt so we can re-share your work!