DIY NYE Glitter Purse + FREE SVG!

As the countdown to the New Year begins, there's no better way to add a touch of sparkle to your celebratory ensemble than with a dazzling DIY Glitter Felt Purse!  In this step-by-step guide, we'll take you through the making your own festive clutch purse. Get ready to unleash your crafty side and shine bright as you welcome the upcoming year with a touch of handmade glamour! You will want to make for your all of your friends! 
First step, gather your materials! This super simple purse only requires 2 sheets of 9x12" Glitter Felt (we chose gold) and a sewing machine! You can also use either a Cricut cutting machine to cut your pattern, or print and cut with fabric scissors. If you are not a savvy sewer or do not have a sewing machine, don't fret! You could also hot glue your pieces together or hand sew with a thicker needle and thread. 
Once you have your felt, download your SVG and cut out your three pattern pieces. You will have the body of the purse and the two sides. 
First take your body piece and measure down from the square side 3". Here you will cut small notches every 1/4" for 3". Be sure not to cut in deeper than 1/8". This will help you stretch the piece while sewing around the curve of your sides. 
With the glitter sides facing together, line up the square edge of one of your side pieces to the square edge of your body piece. Begin sewing from the top and go all the way around the edge of the side piece, keeping a narrow seam allowance, just over 1/8". Because the felt does not fray, we don't need to use a large seam allowance.
Pro tip: sew this with the body pattern piece on top. It will be easier to control how you stretch the piece to fit around the curve of the side piece as you are sewing. 
Repeat this step with your second side and then turn your purse right side out.
Here is where you have a few options to customize it how you like! You can cut or punch a hole into the center of each side to add a chain handle or just on one side to add a ribbon handle and make it a clutch style bag. 
For your closure, you could sew a snap in, add velcro, or sew a festive button on and cut a slit for it to go through on the flap closure. 
And there you have it! Your new bargain DIY glitter purse will be a hit for girls of all ages to make this the best New Year's Eve yet! 
We want to see how your bag turned out! Tag us in your photos!