DIY Olympic Medal

It's time for the Olympics, and there isn't a better way for you, or your little one to cheer on your favorite country than with this DIY Gold Olympic Medal!
As different Team Athletes show off their medals, so can you!
Follow along with this quick and easy Olympic Medal DIY. 
You will need: 

1. Start by cutting your shapes out of your glitter felt. Create 2 3.5" circles out of the gold glitter felt and a 2" tall #1 out of your white glitter felt.
2. Cut your ribbon to be 30" long and heat seal your ends with a lighter.  
3. Overlap the ends at an angle and hot glue them together.
4. Glue your overlapped ribbon onto the back side of one of your circles. 
5. Glue your Glitter felt #1 to the center of the other gold circle. 
6. Cover your circle with hot glue and glue both circles together, sandwiching the ribbon in between the layers. 
And you're Done! It's That Easy! 
Cheering on your country has never been easier! This is a great way for your little one (our even yourself) to get involved in all of the Olympic fun! 
Thanks for following along, and share your creations with the OTRFelt Team @overtheriverfelt on Instagram
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