DIY Patriotic Felt Wreath

Get festive and make your own 4th of July felt wreath! It's the perfect DIY holiday decorating idea from Thriving Home Blog.

  1. Cut your felt into 2 x 2 pieces. This doesn’t have to be perfect AT ALL. Just estimate and be somewhat consistent in your size as you cut.
2. Mark measurements on your foam wreath. The red and white sections turned out to be about 3 inches wide and the blue section was about 8-9 inches. You don’t have to be exact on this at all so don’t get too stressed out about it. Just do what looks good!
3. Fold and pin your felt fabric squares to the wreath. Fold your square in half. Now fold it in half again. Pin the bottom corner to the wreath.
4. Continue to pin the felt all around the wreath There really is no method to the madness. Just fold, fold, and pin over and over again. You can pin the felt fabric as close as you want or spread them out as much as you want. You’ll get the feel for it after a few pins.
5. Attach the stars to the 4th of July wreath. To curl your wire, just wrap it around your finger or a pen. It should stay in that shape. If the wire is strong enough, stick one end into the foam wreath.

    You're 4th of July wreath is done! It's time to celebrate!