DIY Felt Key Fobs

Today we have a simple and sweet DIY crafting with project that's not only fun and easy but also practical – crafting your very own felt key fob! These are so fun and customizable! You can try them with multiple different printed felt patterns, glitter felt or even pebbled leather
diy felt key fob
Let's get crafting!
Download your free SVG file for this key fob pattern here. 
Next, find your favorite felt and cut your file using a cutting machine. We use a Cricut Maker to do all of our felt cutting. Felt cuts best with the rotary blade that the Maker offers. We use the "Glitter Felt-Wool Bonded" setting with "More" pressure for cutting all of our felt to really get a clean cut. 
After your pattern is ready, cut a 1/2" strip of coordinating felt to be the same length as your key fob patten and weave this through the holes in the key fob. 
Finally, grab your key fob hardware, fold your key fob felt in half, and using a pliers or if you have a key fob tool, secure the hardware over the ends of the felt. 
It's that simple!
Here are some of our favorite examples we made of this adorable key fob pattern!
We want to see what you make! Tag us in your project photos! @Overtheriverfelt