DIY Summer Sunset Felt Banner

As the warm hues of summer sunsets fill the sky, why not bring some of that beauty indoors?! A DIY felt banner inspired by the vibrant colors of a summer sunset over the ocean is the perfect way to add a splash of color and warmth to any room! This easy and fun project is great for crafters of all ages and can be customized to fit any space or style. Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own Summer Sunset Felt Banner!

Everything You'll Need:

- Sunset Felt (Pink & Orange)

- Water Felt (Blue and Dark Blue)

- Circle Die Cut or Yellow Felt

- White Felt

- Ribbon

- Scissors

- Hot Glue Gun

Step 1 

First, we made a simple white felt banner.

Step 2

The we took one of our sunset felt colors and traced the white banner and drew our sunset. We did this to both sunset colors!

Step 3

Stack the 2 colors and cut out the sunshine lines.
Now, cut every other sun ray off, like this....

Step 4

Now, grab your water color felt and trace it to the bottom of your banner.
Then attach it with hot glue.

Step 5

Now, take your sun set colors and place them right above the water. 
We decided to cut just the lines out and not keep the connecting circles.

Step 6

Now cut out a yellow circle for the sun!
After that, we slid the bottom half of the sun behind the water and secured it there. 

Step 7

Lastly, we got a darker blue felt and added small lines throughout the water to make small waves. 
And then it's all done!
We hope you enjoyed this DIY as much as we do! If you followed along, we would love to see, tag us @overtheriverfelt :)