DIY Valentine Banner Tutorial

Our favorite part of Valentines day coming up is that we get to make all of the red, pink, and heart covered crafts! Especially this cute banner that could even work for all year long. Plus you only need a few things to get started!


Let's Get Started!

Step 1

First, grab your white sheet of felt. Then, cut a rectangle. We put tiny dots at 9 inches high and 6 1/2 inches wide. 

Then, we cut from the dots to make a 9"x 6 1/2" rectangle. 

Step 2

Now that we have our rectangle, take a ruler and put a dot in the middle of the bottom edge. If you used the same measurements as us, your dot will be at 3 1/4 inches.

After you put your dot, fold the felt on the dot, like this. 

Then, draw another dot about 1 1/2" up. That is where our next cut will be to.

After you have the dot there, cut a line from it to the folded corner. (Where our ruler is in the photo)

Then you can unfold it and it will look like this!

Step 3

Now, fold over the top about 1.5". Then, add a line of hot glue on the edge to make a hole.

Once that's secured, you can flip it over and center your heart. 

We secured the heart with a couple of dots of hot glue.

Step 4

Now, cut about 20 inches of your ribbon and pull it through the hole you mad eon the back. 

Then, to create a loop you can either knot the ends together or add a dot of hot glue. We just used hot glue since the banner isn't heavy.

And then you're done! You now have a cute Valentine decoration that only took about 10 minutes to make! 

If you try this out, we would love to see!

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