Easy DIY Felt Strawberries

Summer is here and we can practically taste those delicious and juicy strawberries! Whether you're a fan of fruity themes or simply looking for an adorable addition to your accessories or home decor, this new DIY is the perfect summer craft! In this step-by-step guide, we'll take you through the process of creating these cute and vibrant fruits from scratch, using simple materials and easy-to-follow techniques. So grab your felt and get ready to add a delightful burst of sweetness to your day!


Step 1

Start by cutting one of your 5" circles in half to make two semi circles.

Step 2

Sew a running stitch on one of the half circles for strawberry seeds and fold your piece in half and sew the ends together making a cone shape.

Step 3

Turn your piece right side out and sew a running stitch around the entire top of your strawberry. Leave an opening at the top to add Polyfill and then pull your thread closing the strawberry off. 

Step 4

Glue your Julia leaf to the top of the strawberry covering the top opening.
Sew a french knot in to the center of the Itsy Bitzy flower and glue it to the top of the strawberry for a sweet finish.
If you would like a strawberry ornament, cut a slit in center of Julia flower and slide a 5” piece of ribbon into hole before gluing to strawberry.