Felt Ball Big and Small Ideas!

If you haven't heard, we now have TWO sizes of felt balls! Our larger size is 1" and our smaller size is 3/4". Although it doesn't sound much smaller, here is a side by side photo so you can see the difference! 
In this blog post we want to show you a few ideas we've seen using both sizes together or ideas that you can do with either size alone!

Idea 1: Felt Ball Mobile

We loved that the Sarah Langtry Blog used two different sizes of felt balls for this DIY! It creates such a cool but easy look for this decoration! 

Idea 2: Flower Bouquet

We also loved this bouquet by Dottyewe on Etsy! They also used two different sizes and we're loving it! It makes the flowers look absolutely perfect. 

Idea 3: Oil Diffuser

Now there are hundreds of ways to make a felt ball oil diffuser but we loved this one by fifthofmayshop on Etsy! Especially how they used both sizes of a felt ball to create such a cute yet functional look! 

Idea 4: Keychain 

Like an oil diffuser, there are SO many ways you can make a felt ball keychain! You can easily use both sizes to make a unique pattern or design or you can create a more simple keychain with one size like this one by Blushery on Etsy. 

Idea 5: Crown

This felt ball crown by JoyfulAndDreamy on Etsy is perfect for playing around the house and an important birthday party! We love this idea and think the mini felt balls add a perfect touch! 

Idea 6: Necklaces

We love this creative way to accessorize with felt balls! Polkadotchair blog made these and we love them! 
We hope you feel inspired to create your own DIY with felt balls now! If you do, we would love to see! Tag us, @overtheriverfelt