Felt Balls and Shamrock Garland

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and we have the perfect super quick and easy DIY for you to do at home that will add the cutest touch to your lucky decorations!


felt balls felt shamrock felt garland

Step 1 

Take all of your shamrocks and double layer them. This will make the shamrocks sturdier and makes for a cleaner look with the printed shamrock showing the gingham print on both sides! 

Add a dot of hot glue to the middle of one shamrock, put both sides together and hold for a few seconds. 

 felt shamrock felt garland

Step 3

Now, thread your needle. 

Tip: Use a larger needle and embroidery thread if you can... it makes going through the felt balls a lot easier! 

Step 4

For the next steps, the pattern is up to you... this is how we did it!

First, take your needle and go through your first felt ball.

Then, take a shamrock and weave your thread through the top.

Continue to do this, alternating felt balls and shamrocks, until you have a length you are happy with!  

We love to see what you make!

Be sure to tag us @overtheriverfelt so we can re-share your work!