Felt Butterfly Clip Tutorial

If you're looking for a cute summer clip, look no further!
These felt butterfly clips are easy and look beautiful! 🦋


Step 1: Gather your materials. Cut 2 pieces of sparkle tulle approximately 3"X6", cut the 3/8" ribbon, and cut the butterfly svg file. 

Step 2: From the 3" side, pleat the tulle inward towards the center and wrap with yarn or thread to stay in place. 

Step 3: Hot glue the butterfly cut out behind the pleated tulle. 

Step 4: Hot glue the 3/8" ribbon and wrap it around the center.

Step 5: After covering the clip, hot glue to the back of the butterfly bow.

You're all done! Who knew this cute butterfly clip could be so easy! Create a color scheme or mix colors for a fun look!