Felt Easter Bunny Basket Tutorial

As spring approaches and Easter is almost here, it's the perfect time to start some Easter crafting to celebrate the season!
And what better way to welcome the Easter bunny than with your very own Bunny Easter baskets! These baskets are so cute and customizable and perfect for any age to use!
So gather your materials and let's hop into this fun and festive DIY tutorial!
You will need:
Start by taking both of your wool blend felt sheets and folding them in half so they measure 12x9". On the folded edges, cut out squares measuring 1.5"x1.75" with the longer side being parallel to the folded edge. 
Next, sew both side edges together. Then you will take the inside of each cut corner, and pull them out so that you have two flat, straight pieces of felt on top of each other with the side seam in the center.
Sew along this edge and then repeat this step for the other side. 
Once you have this done to one piece of your 18x12" felt, repeat the whole thing again with the other piece so that you have two identical basket pieces. You will then layer the pieces together so that the seams are facing the inside.
Smooth out the edges and line them up. It can help to pin them together or use fabric clips to keep them lined up. 
Next you will create your basket strap. For this, we used the printed felt and cut two strips, 2"x 16". You can sew or glue these two pieces together so that both sides are printed and it is thick enough to stand on its own once assembled. 
Then pin the ends of the strap in between the basket layers, centered with the side seams.
Next we will assemble the bunny ears! Using our FREE SVG download, cut out the larger ear pieces using wool blend felt and small pieces using your glitter felt. We recommend cutting the larger pieces twice and gluing two each together for extra stability so that they will stand on their own. Then glue the glitter felt piece on top of each ear in the center, being sure to leave space at the bottom for sewing. 
Now pin the ears in between the basket layers as well on one side, centering them in the same distance from each side.
At this point you can sew all the way around the top of your basket to close it and secure the handle and ears into the seam. 
You can also personalize your basket by either adding a bunny face in felt or name in heat transfer vinyl to the front! 
And then your keepsake bunny basket is ready to be filled with treats! You can make multiple in different colors too, one for each kid in their favorite colors! 
Show us how yours turned out! Tag us @Overtheriverfelt