Felt Heart Tutorial

With Valentine's Day coming soon we've been searching for all sorts of DIY projects to work on! When we eventually stumbled upon this tutorial by Lasting Memories we knew we had to share it! 


Solid Felt Heart Tutorial
2-3 sheets wool-blend felt, cut into circles
Styrofoam heart or wreath form
Short straight pins
1. Cut enough circles to cover your wreath, either with our badge die or by hand. It's hard to say how many circles you'll need, but start with at least a couple of sheets of our felt.
2. Fold each circle in half and in half again. Stick a straight pin through the corner and push it into the Styrofoam form.

2. Continue adding circles at different angles, covering the front and sides of the shape or wreath until full. The circles should be tight together so that no Styrofoam is showing.

3. Add a piece of ribbon to the back with a pin. Done!
We hope you loved this tutorial as much as we did, happy Valentine's Day!