Felt Jack-o-lantern Bag Tutorial

As the leaves begin to fall and a chill creeps into the air, it's a sure sign that Halloween is just around the corner. While costumes and spooky decorations take center stage, there's one delightful tradition that holds a special place in our hearts – trick-or-treating! This year, why not add a personal touch to your Halloween festivities by crafting your very own felt jack-o'-lantern candy bag? In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to create a charming and reusable candy holder that not only adds a festive touch to your costume but also provides a convenient way to collect all those sweet treats. Get ready to unleash your creativity and make this Halloween truly memorable!

First, you will need to gather your supplies!

Start by folding two of your 18"x12" pieces in half so they are 9x12" each. On the folded end, mark a square 1.75"x 2". The 2" side of the square will be parallel to the folded side of the felt. This is because we will need a seam allowance on the open side of the felt and not on the folded side. 
Cut the squares out and repeat this on the second sheet of felt. 
Next, download our free SVG and print this out on your Cricut using your glitter vinyl. Place the jack-o-lantern face onto the center of one side of a piece of your cut felt and press it down with your iron or heat press for 30 seconds.
Now from your third piece of felt, cut 2 strips, each 1.5"x18". These will be your handles.
Line up the ends of one handle on the top edge of your jack-o-lantern piece, 2" in from the edges.
Lay your second piece of felt over the top and pin the layers together to prep for sewing. 
Repeat this step on the opposite side of your felt. Once ready, take your felt over to the sewing machine and sew along just the two top sides where you have pinned. 
Next, pulling from the middle, separate your felt pieces and fold them down so that the two sewn sides now line up in the middle, and your folded ends are on either side.
Press your seam allowances open and line up the centers of the seams from the top and bottom layers. Pin the long sides and sew both sides.
You now should only have your four corners left open. We will be sewing three of these shut and leaving one open from the half of the bag without the jack-o-lantern face, so that we can turn the bag right side out later. 
To sew the corners, grab the inner side of the corners and pull them apart so that it makes one long straight line to sew. 
Sew the three corners shut.
Now it is time to turn out bag right side out! Start by slowly pulling and turning the felt out through the open corner until you can completely see the right sides. 
Our final step is to close off the last open corner! To do this, lay the corner flat like we did for the others and then fold the seam allowance of the corner towards the inside and iron it flat. Next, top stitch close to the edge of the corner. 
Finally, fold the inside half of the bag into the outer side so that you have a basket shape and your bag is ready!! 
You now have the perfect basket for your little one to take with for trick-or-treating! 
We love to see your projects! Share with us how your basket turned out! Tag us @Overtheriverfelt