Felt Santa Basket Tutorial + FREE SVG!

The holiday season is finally here! We have the perfect DIY craft for you that you can make to use as a gift basket, home decor, candy basket or even for St. Nick goodies for kids! Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a novice looking for a fun project, this DIY Santa Felt Basket is the perfect way add a dash of Christmas cheer to your day! So, gather your materials, grab your hot cocoa, and let's dive into holiday crafting!
You will need:
Sewing Machine (Alternatively, you could try hand sewing the pieces together)
First start by folding your red 18x12" sheet of felt in half so that it is 9x12". Out of the folded edge corners, cut rectanges, 2x 2 1/4" each. The 2 1/4" side will be parallel to the bottom folded side. This is to account for the extra sewing seam allowance needed on this side.
Next, cut a strip 12"x1.5" from your black felt and a 2.5" square from your gold glitter felt. Then cut a 1.5" square out of the center of the gold square to make the belt buckle. Using your hot glue gun. Glue the buckle onto the middle of the black strip. 
Then glue the belt onto the red felt, about 2.5" up from the bottom.
Next, from your Chablis felt, cut two pieces each 12x7". 
Next, lay your red felt out flat and sandwich about 2.5" of one end of the red felt in between a folded piece of your Chablis felt and glue it down on both sides to adhere it together. Repeat this step on the other side of the red felt as well.
Now you will need to download your Santa face SVG and cut out your pieces! 
You will also need to cut a strip from your white felt that is 12x1.5" wide. 
Glue the pieces onto the same side as the belt, lining up the face over the chablis felt. Then glue your white strip across the top, just over the Santa hat. 
Now begins the sewing! Turn your basket inside out and first sew along the two open sides. 
Once the sides have been sewn, pull your corners out so that they lay in one flat line and sew along each edge.
Finally, turn your bag back right side out and push the corners out so that it has a nice basket shape. 
Your adorable Santa basket is ready to be used and adored by everyone this Christmas!
We love seeing your projects! Take a picture of your Santa basket and tag us @Overtheriverfelt