Holiday Reindeer Headband DIY

Needing a fun and festive headband this season? We are loving this felt reindeer one! Follow along to make your own with us!


- Felt

Step 1

To start, you can grab your felt and cut out all of your pieces.

Step 2

Now, put your antlers back to back and hot glue them together. Then, stack the small pink piece onto the brown piece and hot glue those together too. And now you have ears! If you want extra security you can hot glue the glitter ear shape to the back. 

Step 3

Then, grab your headband and 3/8" ribbon. Secure the beginning of the ribbon with your hot glue gun and then start wrapping. 

Step 3

Once you finished your headband you can hot glue your antlers and ears to the top. And you're done! You now have the cutest festive reindeer headband! 

If you followed along, we would love to see! Tag us!