The Most Delicious Felt Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we are cooking up something yummy in the kitchen!
Learn how to make a life-sized waffle from felt!
No messy cleanup required :)
We are drooling over this fun DIY from Hawk Hill!
Supplies Needed:
  • Tan/Toast colored felt. We recommend beige or buttercream, but you can find all felt HERE!  You will need a minimum of 2 sheets. 
  • A basic sewing kit (scissors, needle, thread, etc. I always use 2-3 strands of embroidery floss for my felt food because it's a little stronger than standard thread)
  • Glue (washable fabric glue, preferably)
  • A fabric marker 
  • Waffle pattern, download it HERE!



Cut the pieces in the pattern as instructed. You then will need to go back and transfer the lines drawn across the large block of the pattern onto your felt with the fabric marker. The easiest way is to lay the pattern over the cut felt and progressively fold back the pattern, using the printed line as a mark to fold along and then running the tip of your marker down the folded over edge, transferring the mark onto the fabric.


The next step is cutting notches in each ridge. The notches are made by laying the short strip of the paper pattern along the ridge and placing a mark with the fabric marker onto the felt in spots that correspond to the marks on the pattern.

Once aligned and marked (and after you’ve confirmed the visually line up in rows) begin cutting a notch where each mark is. I cut about 50% of the way down the ridge, and am cure to cut free the excess fabric there

After this step, your large felt piece will look like this:


Next, take the 3 short strips of fabric. Fold and glue them in half lengthwise. Once the glue is set, use the short strip pattern template and a fabric marker to transfer the marks on the template to the bottom edge of the folded strip. (leaving the tidy folded-over edge intact) Again, cut a notch about 50% of the way up, and wide enough to accommodate the width of a doubled-over piece of felt.

In this photo, you can see the ridges of the strips and the ridges of the large piece beginning to come together to form an actual waffle!


When you fit all the ridges together, your felt waffle should look something like this. You’ll want to spend a few minutes re-trimming your notches so that the ridges sit evenly and flat.


To finished your waffle, just take the long strip, fold in half lengthwise, and wrap around the outside edge of your waffle. With a quick running stitch, connect the edge to the waffle body.

TIP: The only tricky part is getting a nice corner on the edges of your waffle instead of a rounded curve. To get sharper corners, when my running stitch gets to the end of a straight edge, I fold the strip together and make one stitch that binds the two pieces together in a tight corner, then release and go back to the running stitch on the edge. Here’s a bit of a graphic demonstrating that visually:


Once all your waffle parts are present and fitting together well, you’ll want to add a bit of glue to keep the ridges in place and everything snug and aligned just right. I’m usually anti-glue on felt food toys, but the complexity of this waffle pattern kind of demands it! I add the glue and then let my waffle sit for a couple hours under the edge support of a few books, just to ensure all the glued edges are in contact with one another as the glue sets.

Once you’ve let the glue set completely, your fake play waffle is ready for the perfect fake play brunch!