Velvet Felt Pumpkin Tutorial

Pumpkin decorations are a Fall necessity! Follow along to make a velvet and felt one with us! 


Step 1

Step 2

Now, use your needle to thread all the way around the outer edge of the circle, like this.

Step 3

When you've stitched all the way around, add stuffing to the middle and then cinch the circle together!

Step 4

Now, cut 5, 12" strips of your velvet ribbon.

Step 5

Using your velvet ribbon, wrap one of the pieces around your pumpkin and use hot glue to secure it. 

Continue to do this with all 5 pieces, separated evenly.

Step 6

When they're all done, cut a 3.5" circle and hot glue it to the open side of your pumpkin to close over the stuffing. 

Step 7

Almost there! Now, take your rectangle you cut earlier and roll it like this, securing it with hot glue!

Step 8

Then add your stem to the top of your pumpkin and you're done!

 You now have the cutest pumpkin ready to decorate any bare shelf or table! 

If you followed along, tag us! We'd love to see.